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Proactive Internet offers a wide range of products and services to enable us to serve clients and deliver results in any marketplace. We offer specialised solutions for real estate companies, and also have extensive experience in the retail, business, marketing, leisure and holiday industries.

Bespoke System Development

We have a vast amount of experience development web based software solution which will save you time and enable you to work far more efficient.
Our approach has never been using ready-made out-of-the-box solution which we try and tweak, but instead we develop a fully bespoke solution which adapts to your needs.

We will take the time and discuss any aspect with you and identify what is exactly is you need and only once this has been done, we start the planning process and develop the application.

Over the years, we have developed fully integrated Management Systems for companies of different sizes in various sectors, starting from the small one-man real estate to multi-national companies with various offices,

Website design & development

Website design and Development is a key area of our services. We create content rich and well structured interactive websites that form the basis for SEO campaigns that are easy to navigate, can be content managed and creatively stunning.

We have a vast amount of experience in using modern Technologies like mobile-friendly HTML5, CSS/LESS, jQuery Framework, Ajax and other technology that enables us to create an online presence that not only looks good but actually works, too.

We understand how people use websites, so we can optimise your pages to convert traffic into enquiries, and we can ensure that people interact with your site, and come back again and again.

Whether you have an existing website that you are not happy with and want to update, or whether you have a web project that you want to start from scratch, Proactive Internet can create the right impression and include the right tools to ensure that your website is not an expense but a crucial tool that you can be proud of.

We also dont believe in charging the earth for minor updates. If you are happy with your site and don't want to go to massive expense to update it, then using proactive might well be a good move for you. We have hourly, daily and monthly rates that take the hassle out of websites and simplifies IT.


Proxima CRMCRM  - Contact Relationship Management Application

Proactive Internet have been working on the CRM package proXima for around 6 years, and have spent time customising for real estate clients, developers, insurance brokers, hotels, leisure resorts etc. We have been able to link our system into legacy systems such as accounting packages, job costing programmes as well as more known products such as goldmine and ACT!.

We are often told how simple to use and how powerful our package is. Have a look at our portfolio to see some of our Clients..


Proactive Internet has a track record of successfully gaining ideal placements for clients in some very competitive markets. One thing we always do is set up websites properly, being careful to get the right look, but importanly the right content, with the right blend of key word repetition, page structure and off page link building and search engine placement.

Many clients are amazed with their results and you can find some examples in our portfolio section...


Our extensive portfolio is a result of many years pushing the boundaries of IT systems on the Costa del Sol. Creative, professional and reliable.

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We have a vast amount of experience in various sectors of IT. From creating cost-effective mobile-friendly websites to developing extensive tailor-made Management System which integrate into the work-flow of your international company.

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